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February 20, 2018 Textile and Wallpaper

giardini wallcoverings

This debut collection is called Tiffany, the first in a series of innovative products by Giardini Wallcoverings that will be launched in 2013. A sophisticated collection that – starting with its name – calls to mind stylish, exclusive settings; a bold yet sensitive collection, softened by skillful blending of materials.

giardini wallcoverings3

giardini wallcoverings

classic look english flavor

Minimalist textures and boldly distinctive designs with a decisive edge make up the four brand-new textile wall coverings with designs drawn from the world of male wardrobe. A Jacquard Damask, with a neoclassic air (available in 5 references: 4 soft colours and a blu) and a large-scale revisitation of the Prince of Wales glen plaid (available in 4 references: black, soft green, lilac and a natural) that softens a statement that might otherwise seem very formal — these are the core designs of the series that also includes a hounds-tooth pattern (available in 3 references: lilac, beige and a natural) in shiny raffia, and three geometric figures – geometric, small geometric and a pinstripe pattern (available in 22 references). A collection enhanced by the addition of fabrics that pair beautifully with the wall coverings and complete the look – a lightweight “mesh” in printed linen with a paisley design available in two versions, one contrasting black on natural and another tone on tone with a signature print, suitable for curtains. And a Jacquard print: 8 references (3 linen and 5 silk) on a color palette revisits a classic look with a  spirited English flavor.

printed linen

giardini wallcoverings printed linen

Color is the common denominator in this varied and diverse collection, where the pairing of hues offers an endless number of combinations. Along with warm, natural, neutral shades, there are other more striking stylish colors, like turquoise, blue and lilac, trendy favorites in interior decoration. Tailor-made solutions are a core strength of the Giardini Wallcoverings philosophy, making it possible for anyone to customize and translate the concept of home according to their own taste – whether a touch of England or France, classic or contemporary, eclectic or cottage style… always unique! The effects of color combinations, contrasts of light and dark, sheers, colors, decorations and weaves all work together to create timeless  designs and fresh styles for reinventing one’s space in keeping with one’s personal style.
A note about the natural materials: primarily silk and linen , all of the finest quality, skillfully refinished, a distinctive trait of Giardini Wallcoverings.

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