March 8, 2013 Furniture Design


Prior to being a physical location, the home is a place of the mind and of the soul.  A place from where one departs but above all, where one returns and shares the most pleasant and relaxed moments. Lema interprets this philosophy creating, through its furnishings, an atmosphere that rejects fixed patterns and presents its audience with a series of possibilities and different ways of thinking.

lounge chair popsi

Lema furnishings bring to a room the elegance of a world that is décontractée in its depth, through colors and materials that desire to open up the surroundings to the Mediterranean light that resides within the best of “Made in Italy.”  A space that is a vacation for the spirit as well as for the frenzy of everyday life, a refuge where furnishings create an environment of tranquility and partake in emotions.
The evolution of the brand from customizable systems – Selecta and T030, walk-in closets and made-to-measure wardrobes – to a rich catalog of single pieces, is further enhanced in the occasion of Salone del Mobile 2013 thanks to a collection of upholstered furniture that will complement the Lema offerings.  Pieces of casual flavor but meticulously created and designed, colors and textures that evoke leisure and rest, and ample and comfortable shapes to accommodate relaxation.

Among recent collaborations, that with Ferruccio Laviani will become part of the catalog, with his lounge chair Popsi.  The base is an elegant metallic weave on which is placed the wide seat of a leather covered tub chair.  The seams of the upholstery underline sinuous forms made even more evident by the contrast with geometric shapes that support it.

mirage mirror designed tokujin yoshioka

Basic and clean shapes for the Mirage mirror designed by Tokujin Yoshioka.  The Japanese designer begins his relationship with the company emphasizing focus on modularity and proposing a mirror consisting of several reflecting surfaces that can be mounted at different angles, thanks to a special coupling system.  Each module is finished with a polishing that reminds us of classic mirror manufacturing, combining modernity and tradition; a complement that becomes a work of art and an innovative interpretation of a traditional piece of furnishing that is carried on with subtlety and lightheartedness.

Finally, the evolution of Booken is presented; reinterpretation from a unique and unusual point of view that the Raw Edges did with the concept of the bookcase.  Yael and Shay worked on the idea of a book as an object that materializes, transforms its function and reinvents itself.  From this idea, Booken was born and presented in Milan in the shelf version.

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