Amuleto di Alessandro Mendini

March 5, 2013 Modern Lighting

amuleto lamp2

The Amuleto lamp, the emblematic product designed by Alessandro Mendini to wish his grandson health and good luck, perfectly encloses the universe, incorporating three circles in reference to the triad of the sun, the moon and the earth. The first circle forms the base, the middle one acts as the joint and the third, upper ring contains the lighting crown with the LEDs. Amuleto is also available in a smaller version, the Amuleto mini.

amuleto lamp

Ramun, the new brand of lighting of which every creative aspect – from the design of the website and the marketing to the brand’s showroom display – is the work of the Atelier Mendini design studio, and encompasses a collection of LED lamps designed by Alessandro Mendini.

amuleto lamp4

amuleto lamp3

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