Wonderful apartment by n232-arquitectura

February 22, 2013 Interior Design Ideas

n232 arquitectura apartment2

Wonderful apartment designed by n232-arquitectura. Housing is structured around the relationship between two volumes. A master volume, which corresponds to the boundaries of the original building and interior wood volume, like a Russian doll. This internal volume, which is deformed to become the staircase linking the two levels of the house, home to turn more domestic uses such as toilet, a storage room, master bath, bedroom and many cabinets for storage. Of the relationship established between the continent and the various emerging content areas of this house key. via

n232 arquitectura apartment3

n232 arquitectura apartment4

n232 arquitectura apartment9

n232 arquitectura apartment1

n232 arquitectura apartment

n232 arquitectura apartment5

n232 arquitectura apartment7

n232 arquitectura apartment8

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