Artistic penthouse located in Rio de Janeiro

February 12, 2013 Interior Design Ideas


The breathtaking 700sqm penthouse located in Urca, the most wealthy residential neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by Arthur Casas. Situated between the sea and the famous Sugarloaf Mountain, this area, which was closed by the military fortress, can only be described as the jewel of sites.



Inside, the design language is clean cut, symmetrical and reminiscent. Against a backdrop primarily consisting of glazing and off white finishes, the presence of wood, introduces an element of nostalgia. Used in fixed furniture pieces such as the library bookshelves, exterior seating and the bathroom vanity tops, its long straight lines have a feeling of endlessness. From the total pure living room looking out onto the terrace with the wooden planter and the small palm trees, it hints at the reminiscent world of the girl from Ipanema combined with modernity and clarity. The interiors have been designed to be flexible and cater for all activities be they private or socially inclined. Mobile boundary areas are introduced through large hidden retractable partitions, which can reformat these open spaces into small private areas in an instant.







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