NEOS, the new living collection signed Neutra

February 6, 2013 Furniture Design

neos collection luca martorano

Neutra, well-known leading company all over the word for its sophisticated bathroom and wellness  solutions, stating the collection NEOS also for the living zone. Tables and furniture characterized by different shapes and misures for a wide offert easly recognizable.luca martorano table

A design concept focusing on surfaces, using a refined and fully‐developed language, made of planes and geometries. For the Neos Collection, Luca Martorano has deployed stony materials for the front surfaces of the furniture thus emphasizing its expressive potential.

living collection neutra

The stony covering is made of thin and unnoticeable sheets, but it turns out to be solid and strong, efficient from a functional point of view and perfectly suited for use in everyday life. The constituent concept of this collection relies on relations with and references to plans and volumes, bases on receding edges as well as on stone frontals with rounded‐off corners, thus minimizing the volume of each single piece. This generates a new and original visual effect “mitigating” the volume of the supporting structure, simultaneously applying a “strong” design whose value and benchmark is the geometric rule. Every element is linked to and integrated with the other one basing on a perfect and consistent concept according to which the drawers – thanks to the stony “sheets” – merge in the supporting structure thus creating a refined frame‐up.

luca martorano

The Neos Collection by Luca Martorano is perfectly compliant with the mood of the Neutra brand thanks to its geometrical rigor and its minimal style. An innovative design concept resulting from the leading‐edge use of stones which are applied in sheets, lightened from an aesthetical point of view but emphasized through their technical characteristics conveying strength and endurance.

Neos Collection is completed with the table of the homonymous series, with rounded elegant lines for an essential result: light at the sight respecting completely Neutra philosophy. It can be realized in all the 9 materials of the collection.

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