Great king size beds and mattresses for your master bedroom

February 21, 2018 Bedroom Design

king size bed

Tired of fighting with your plus-one for any spare space on the double bed? Then it might be time to upgrade to a king size bed! King size is already the standard bed size in America and in most European countries, so why not follow the trend and treat yourselves to more space and less conflict in bed? Don’t worry you will still be able to find other grounds for disagreement in the bedroom such as “what should be the new bed made from: leather?” or “With or without the headboard?”
But leave these till later and enjoy now the tour of Wedo-Beds most stylish king size mattresses and beds in 2013:

Classics Furniture Knightsbridge bed 
One of our favorites really. We love the ornate feet, the luxurious white faux leather, the sumptuous scroll end headboard, the chesterfield-style details, the upholstered deep buttons and that bit of “je ne sais quoi” that makes this bed a stylish piece of furniture your guests will be very envious of!

knightsbridge bed

Hyder Milan Faux Leather Bed
A bit more classical but no-less stylish, this king size bed is perfect for you if you would like to move away from chesterfield like models. This bedstead is also made of elegant upholstery and its tall headboard and low foot end add a wonderful finishing touch which will grab anyone’s attention.

faux leather bed

Classics Furniture Seville Bed  
You have always dreamed of sleeping in a circular bed? Probably not but you know now that this is possible. This bed is a wonderful piece of furniture designed with a circular bed frame, in-built bedside tables, a sunken mattress feature and sprung slats for unrivaled comfort.

classics furniture seville bed

Classics Furniture Madrid Bed
Even more audacious and quit difficult to describe this bed is a great reminiscent of a catapult. Or a black swan. Well you should see by yourself.

classics furniture madrid bed

Classics Furniture Candyce Bed
Featuring a sumptuous padding for extra luxury and a sprung slatted base for extra comfort during the night, you won’t be disappointed by this white faux leather bed.

classics furniture candyce bed

Joseph International  Sooma Leather Bed
Incarnation of elegance and sophistication we love the presence of the Sooma leather bed with its majestic Chesterfield design pattern and scroll top head and footboards. A best seller for sure!

sooma leather bed

Classics Furniture Ravenna Faux Leather Bed
Let’s finish the tour with a stunning sleigh bed designed with a slightly arched headboard and upholstered in a luxurious faux leather. This bed will bring a sense of modernity to any bedroom style!

ravenna faux leather bed

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