Coffee’n LoaF


Design Bono designed Coffee’n LoaF a space filled with tables, divided by objects which block the eyes naturally without any partitions. Sunlight pouring on the thickly wooded forest was expressed as the layer of ceiling, and the image of tranquil lake was finished with exposed concrete and transparent epoxy. The designer explained that he wanted to describe the lakeside at dawn covered with water fog by attaching gradation sheet on the exterior facade and inserting LED illumination under it.





At Coffee’n LoaF, there is another conspicuous element besides this huge object to unite the whole space. It is just the glass partition layer equipped in many layers at regular intervals in front of rest room, The designer intended to make the media images look like an unique installation by projecting and penetrating them on the glass layers. The plan was not carried out, but they will be used as canvas for images using projector or give the vitality to the space by attaching photos of nature on it.




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