OZZIO Design presents Bio Fireplace

December 19, 2012 Product Design

italian company ozzio design fireplaces

Fall is gone and winter is coming, livening up the atmosphere with the bio fireplace by Ozzio Design is the best way to turn your home into a warm, welcoming and eco-friendly place. Turn your home into a warm and welcoming place is now even easier and safer: the italian company Ozzio Design presents its bio fireplaces collection.

eco friendly fireplaces

All bio fireplaces Ozzio Design work on bio-ethanol, a natural fuel derived from vegetable matter. They require no chimney and no electrical or gas connection. They do not produce smoke, unpleasant odors, ash or dust. Installing a bio-fireplace Ozzio Design is quick and easy because you can place it anywhere in your home.

bio fireplaces collection1

The bio fireplaces are now enriched by a plus: Corium, Frame, Classic, Ovo and Mensola model can be fitted with a protective glass 12 cm high, which can be fixed to the structure of the fireplace with magnets, in this way, the flame tends to be contained inside.via

ozzio design fireplaces

The bio fireplaces collection presents a series of interchangeable covers that gives you the opportunity to make your own personal choice. In this way, simply slipping off the front cover, you can get a different styling for your contemporary living. For all models it is available the Aroma Pleasure line, composed by 6 ecological and natural fragrance (Opium, Jasmine, Pine Kao, Vanilla, Orange and Apple) that perfumes your room in a pure and traditional way, spreading intense and pleasurable sensations of well-being.

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