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December 4, 2012 Bathroom Design

beautiful bathroom design

We need our bathrooms to be multi-functional spaces; just as we need them to be efficient and reliable to help us prepare to face the day each morning, we also want them to be places in which we can relax and unwind. So what are the best ways to achieve a dual purpose bathroom? Well thankfully, due to improvements in manufacturing and the materials used to create bathroom products, we can now enjoy bathrooms that are not only highly efficient and reliable, but which look fantastic as well.

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To ensure that your bathroom remains neat and organised, without the assorted bathroom products that we all tend to accumulate overtaking the room, having some storage options is essential. Fortunately, after a decade in the wilderness whilst minimalism was enjoying the limelight, Bathroom furniture is now back and is more popular than ever before. There are now countless purpose-built cupboards and cabinets in just about every conceivable size, shape and finish, and to suit all different budgets as well, so you can be sure that you’ll find the perfect storage solutions for your bathroom. As price has decreased, so has design quality improved, so that you can now enjoy cabinets that have been treated with a moisture-resistant coating to protect them from splashes and steam, and to ensure that your bathroom cabinets are with you, performing to the highest standards, for many years to come. Modern furniture can also come with soft-close doors and drawers, to eliminate any peace-disturbing slams, so that your bathroom is not only more efficient, but calm and relaxing as well.
Modern taps, especially those featuring the latest ceramic disc technology, will afford you far control over water temperature and flow rate than ever before, as well preventing drips developing far more effectively. This means that using your basin and bath will be more precise and reliable and that you will waste less water through drips and ultimately attain lower water bills. Many modern taps will be manufactured from solid brass, to be hardy and durable, and then finished in stylish modern chrome, which easy to keep clean.
Additional light sources will always help to make a room feel larger, and in the UK we tend to have some of the smallest bathrooms in Europe. An illuminated bathroom will therefore enhance the sensation of light and space in your bathroom, as well as creating a glamorous and highly characterful basin area. Another wonderful multi-purpose upgrade is to switch from a radiator to a chrome finished heated towel rail, which will not only warm the room and provide you warm, dry towels whenever you need them, but will look fantastic as well, making the whole room feel more stylish and designed.
Achieving a bathroom aesthetic that is stylish and contemporary whilst still performing to the highest standards of efficiency is now more easily possible than ever before. So take a little time, have a click around, and start exploring for your beautiful new bathroom.

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Helen Davies is a senior content writer for Better Bathrooms, who sell good looking contemporary and traditional Bathroom furniture at a realistic prices.

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