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November 9, 2012 Design Ideas

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East meets West. Purity, simplicity and elegance in graphics designed by Studiovo for Medeast, new Friulan company that has made body care its authentic mission.

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Manufactured in Papete, French Polynesia, according to traditional craft techniques, Monoп de Tahiti products inherit from their homeland, not just the certified origin (AO), but also that “fragrance” of authenticity that Marco Vincenzi and Andrea Caturegli reflect in the creation of the brand identity: from logo idea to institutional and coordinated image, from the website to the entire packaging.

With a total white look, elegant, sober and measured, which underlines the true welfare lies in the sacred philosophy of inner and outer purity, the products lines for body, hair and tanning oil Monoп de Tahiti join the ancestral ritual practices of the Polynesian people, with contemporary techniques of plant extraction.

But what exactly Mono de Tahiti is? An oil, an ointment and a treasure trove of beauty and body, skin and hair which secret is hidden in the soothing, cleansing, moisturizing and remedial qualities of Thiare, a white oriental flower by sweet fragrance. Le fleur de Tahiti is used by Studiovo in all graphic solutions of the brand as leit motif in relief, which, while covertly and timidly, always plays a major role in the packaging.

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Mono de Tahiti



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