Three-dimensional lighting

October 26, 2012 Modern Lighting, Product Design

fold lighting2

FOLD by Vibia: lights and shapes that create the feeling of a slightly curved piece of paper. Designed by Arik Levy, FOLD is a wall-art lighting concept, both functional and decorative, in which light and volumes become an integral part of the design.
Vibia’s new lighting collection brings walls to life with a unique game of indirect lighting and shadows. The result is a magical three-dimensional effect, subtle and easy to work with and imagine.

fold lighting

Like a paint brush in the hands of an artist, FOLD becomes a creativity platform for professionals in the fields of architecture and interior design. FOLD surface with aluminum diffuser lets you draw and colour in your walls, creating a mosaic light fixture. Available in matt beige lacquer, matt chocolate lacquer, matt green lacquer and matt red lacquer. In its built in version with plaster diffuser, the lamp allows full integration into the space and architecture, as it can be painted in the same color as the walls. FOLD is equipped with a LED light source that enables high-lumen output and energy efficiency, to create a singular combination of light and shade where walls come to life with a bright, luminous decoration.

fold lighting3

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