Inkstone Bath Collection by Steve Leung

October 26, 2012 Bathroom Design, Product Design

asian inspired elements bath

Add some Asian-inspired elements into your everyday bathing ritual! Italian brand NEUTRA introduces their “Inkstone” bath vanity collection inspired by Chinese calligraphy and precious Chinese inkstones. Designed by world-renowned architect Steve Leung, colourliving is proud to celebrate this exquisite collection by hosting a fabulous party on 11 Oct, in honor of this launch.

neutra inkstone bath

neutra inkstone bath2

Steve’s collection, Inkstone, was born from his love of calligraphy and his collection of pieces made from Chinese inkstone. “When you do calligraphy you have to have a calm heart,” he says. “You have to relax and prepare — you must calm down. Life today is so hectic and very busy”. The Inkstone collection is reflective of the calm and relaxation found when calligraphy is practiced. It is this relaxed state that Steve immediately thought would be a perfect fit within the bathroom. “I like the most simple forms — large or small — and I like to look at a range of shapes. This is what interests me,” he says. “The luxury of a good bathroom is space to relax — spiritually and physically,” he adds.

neutra inkstone bath3

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