‘Box’ house

October 24, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

comfortable environment

The house designed for a couple with two children is situated in a suburban area of Nicosia that is only recently undergoing development. The square footprint of the house is largely determined by the rectangular shape of the site subtracting the three meters required setback on three sides and allowing for a large yard at the back that faces south.

courtyard greenery

courtyard interior space

The house attempts to address the dual nature of the largely undeveloped landscape that can be inviting but also intimidating. The box is programmatically divided into two parts. A two story rectangular box along the east boundary includes bedrooms and a bathroom for the children as well as guest areas, service areas, kitchen and parking. The remaining void of the double height ‘box’ includes the common areas, the outdoor covered areas on the ground floor and the master bedroom and bath on the second floor. via

box house metal staircase

box house kitchen

glass sliding doors living room

box house open living area

box house large yard

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