Objects with unique design identity

October 19, 2012 Furniture Design

kenn brutal kenyon yeh

Kenyon Yeh has his own inspiration in his collection, he believed that personality and characteristic can be transferred into an object creating a unique design identity. Whether in shape and practice, in other hand the objects are breaking some principles and applications twisted into collectable design.

kenn brutal

The ‘Kenn Brutal’ bookshelf and storage unit was developed by Yeh for the Italian furniture firm Seletti. Each individual shelf section has an uncertain quadrilateral shape which can have multiple roles, and easily accommodates items such as books, magazines, knick-knacks and picture frames. A key element Yeh also incorporated into the design is an aged English chair leg, recomposed to hold the whole structure and emphasise the contemporary by contrasting it with a more classic typology.

kenyon yeh kenn desk

kenn desk

Continues of the Kenn collection, keeping the original unique Kenn design elements, which are the classic leg, shelf and the drawer part. As an addition Kenn Desk offers a lamp on top and another shelf that support the tabletop. The supporting shelf has two versions that can be chosen depends on the users needs. Kenn Desk is an adjustable work or office table. via

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