The Living Room Needs Attention

February 21, 2018 living Room Design

living room needs attention

For many, the living room is the focal point of the house. It’s where family activities take place, where we sit to relax and perhaps watch television, and is often the first main room in the house shown to guests. That’s why it’s important to maintain a well-balanced, well-styled living room. While decorating may not be a science, there are certainly a few main points and themes to keep in mind when furnishing and styling the space.

First, it’s important to take into account the structure of the room. Take note of its size, its proximity to doors and windows. Designing around the space you have is a crucial element when decorating interiors, and it ensures that the flow of the room will remain uncluttered and natural. As a home’s main hub, a living room often serves different functions. Think about these functions and how many people the room will need to seat. Remember to be realistic. No matter how hard you try, a small living room will never fit 100 people. After establishing the space you’re working with and the functions you want for the space, the next step is to decorate!

Many families choose to watch television in the living room, and if this is the case for you, make sure that it is placed in a high visibility area. Televisions of different sizes all have recommended viewing distances and these can be used as a good reference point. It’s also advantageous to keep in mind the television’s proximity to any windows in the room. Direct sunlight can inhibit viewing, so if the television is facing a window it may be necessary to dress it with blackout window coverings to block the light.

living room interior art

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Seating is the largest component in living room decoration. Most living rooms were designed to comfortably fit a loveseat and sofa. In living rooms where a lot of gatherings take place, think about facing sofas and other seating towards each other, or forming a circular seating area. Seating comes in many shapes, sizes and styles. As tempting as it may be, avoid purchasing three or more pieces from a matching set. To create a truly stylish and interesting room, mix and match textures and patterns. Sofas with exposed backs should be complemented by a console table, which doubles as additional storage space and if you’re looking for best brand then parker knoll is the best choice.

Coffees tables can often be the focal point of the living room, and is a place where everyone places their glasses during a family get together or gathering. As a general rule, the length of a coffee table should be about two-thirds the length of the sofa in order to maintain a sense of proportion in the space. Larger living rooms can employ square coffee tables to anchor the space, whilst smaller rooms would benefit more from rectangular tables. If more seating is required for the room, look into coffee tables that are able to store ottomans underneath as this is a clever and space-saving way to eek extra seating capacity from the living room.

With all the major furniture in place, adding accessories to finish the room is the next logical step. Choose a colour palette that matches the rest of the room when it comes to soft furnishings and display items. In order to create a vignette, choose three items with the same colour to spice up the space. Remember to focus on different textures and patterning. Throw pillows and throw blankets are the perfect way to make a couch or chair seem cosier. Console tables and mantles can hold small samples of collections or photographs. Side tables can be spruced up with decorative lighting or a vase of flowers. Pull the room together by adding a rug which ties in the seating and furniture to the accessories.

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A well decorated living room can transform the look of a house, and its style can be brought through to other rooms. Because they are used so often and for so many purposes, it’s worth investing a little time and effort into making the space the best that it could be. Using a few basic concepts, it’s easy to convert a living room into a stylish, well-balanced, multi-functional space.

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