High-grade wooden furniture

April 25, 2013 Furniture Design

a frame table tomas alonso

All designs share a common key idea which the Karimoku New Standard calls the “everyday life concept”. The focus here is on objects for everyday use that can be easily integrated into different living spaces and therefore potentially appeal to a very large target group.  All the products are made of Japanese hardwoods from sustainable forestry – oak, maple and chestnut. for the collections Karimoku New Standard collaborates with established international designers such as Sylvain Willenz or designer duo Scholten & Baijings. Not to mention emerging talents such as Tomás Alonso, ECAL graduate Lucien Gumy or Swedish design collective TAF, who have all created wooden pieces for the label. via

stackable chair castor

chair torii

karimoku new standard

table colour wood dining

low table soft triangle TAF

everyday life concept

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