Top Reasons for Choosing a Faux Leather Bed

February 21, 2018 Bedroom Design

faux leather bed

If you love the look of leather and animal-hide but don’t want to use the genuine article in your home faux leather is a great alternative. So, if you love animal hide why not use the real thing? There are many reasons why people choose faux rather than genuine, here’s a few of the main reasons although the list is not exhaustive.

 Animal Welfare:

Today we are far more aware of destroying specific animals which were once hunted solely for their hides or fur. The Victorians loved to go on safaris and come back with the skins of leopards, tigers, lions and other animals who roamed freely in the wild. Today, there are restrictions in place to help prevent the slaughtering of animals purely for the sport or for their hides. Illegal poaching remains a huge problem and there are many organisations and governments who make a concerted effort to catch and condemn such actions.

Animal hides from cattle are still used to produce all manner of legal consumer products and many of us have don’t have a problem using these products in our homes. However, for those who love the look and feel of animal-hide and yet don’t want to be party to the killing of animals purely for their skins faux leather is a great look-a-like.


Cost is another common reason people opt for faux rather than genuine leather. Real leather is more expensive than faux leather, however with today’s modern manufacturing techniques faux leather has a remarkably similar look and feel but is less expensive in most cases.

More Choices:

When you choose Beds from Bedroom World you’ll have the advantage of being able to see both genuine and faux leather beds. Faux leather can be dyed to any colour and while this may take away the whole notion of using natural animal-hide having a faux leather bed in red for example will give you the best of both worlds in terms of look and style.


If you read the care instructions or advice you’ll see that faux leather is relatively easier to clean than real leather. It’s possible to given faux leather a really good wash without having too much of a detrimental effect on the look. Genuine leather shouldn’t be scrubbed down with water, as it’s a real animal hide any excess water can make it shrink and crack.

Fading from in sunlight is a natural occurrence in genuine leather, too much direct exposure to sunlight can also cause it to dry out and crack. These aspects are greatly reduced in faux leather. This doesn’t mean to say that a genuine leather bed isn’t a thing of beauty, all it does mean is that you’ll have to give your genuine leather bed a little more care and attention that if it were imitation leather.


Faux leather can also be remarkably ‘green’ as it’s often, but not always, made from recycled materials. It’s worth remembering that the whole notion of faux is not to kill animals purely for their hides.

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