Bring natural warmth to home with wooden flooring

February 20, 2018 Carpets and Flooring

wooden flooring

If you were to ask an interior designer the best colour choices for window dressings or flooring the probability of them saying ‘go for natural colours and wood’ is extremely high. With both of these areas of interior design imperative to the overall outcome of the look and feel of a room choosing the natural colours of wood is an effective way of ensuring that a room has harmony and cohesion.

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Wooden flooring is of course no new conception – before the invention of mass produced carpets many homes had beautiful wooden floors or bare floorboards. The mass production of carpets enabled people to cover bare boards and add comfort and warmth to their homes, particularly if the floorboards had gaps between them through which cold draughts of air would quickly chill a room. Rugs were also used to help stop the draughts. However, fitted carpets became all the rage are were hailed as the ideal solution for providing warmth and colour to people’s homes.

Fast forward a few decades and interior designers soon began ripping up fitted carpets and returned to using the hidden boards or even parquet flooring which had been covered over. Stripper floorboards and natural wooden floors have returned to our homes at an alarming rate. This may be in part due to the fact that most homes now have central heating and double glazed windows so the draughty homes have all but disappeared, but it’s also because we’ve returned to looking at the use of natural products rather than man-made. Furthermore, many people believe that fitted carpets can also be detrimental to health, especially for those who suffer with dust allergies, asthma and some skin irritations. Wood floors are typically easier to clean than deep piled carpets, and it’s also possible to have protective coatings applied to wood floors which not only reduces the cleaning required but also adds a protection against small scratches and abrasions which may be inadvertently bought into our homes on the tread of our footwear.

Today the trend to return to nature and using its sustainable resources continues to gather momentum, wooden flooring is just one aspect of interior design which has highlighted the practicality and versatility of wood for floors. The natural colours which are available from ukflooringdirect shows an impressive range and variety of woods which can be used to bring natural warmth and beauty to our homes. From rich dark mahogany which creates a refined elegance to rooms to light oak and beech which are suitable for modern and contemporary styled interiors,there’s a colour of wood to suit all styles of homes and colour schemes.

For those looking for a cost effective floor covering which is easy to maintain and keep clean wooden flooring is the ideal solution. Within the world of interior design the diversity of the colours and natural characteristics of the different varieties of wood used to make flooring are what makes their use so popular.

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