Interior design of a bar

August 28, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

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The bar is located in the basement of a historical building in the center of Podebrady, one of the most popular spa centre in Czech Republic, 45 kilometers from Prague. The atmosphere of the bar is enhanced by the old illuminated brick arches, which are combined with modern design of geometric graphics on the walls.

The very bright colors were selected for the interior to make the space more light and spacious. A huge mirror that follows the curved shape of the brick arch evokes as well the impression of a bigger space. This mirror is situated on the opposite of the bar across the whole wall and creates an antipole to the bar. The bar is made from stainless steel and metal, along with the chairs and a staircase are one of the few dark elements in the interior.Light color of the floor is combined with bleached oak surfaces, which are applied to the tables and the rest of furniture. The benches are upholstered in the same colour like the floor.The bar provides various types of seating. There are low and high benches, barstools and classic dining seating.Facilities for staff and storage are also situated in the basement. Only the stylish guest´s toilets are located at the ground floor. They are accessible by a metal staircase as well as the main entrance to the bar. via

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authors: Ing.arch. Eleonora Eva Kubani a Ing.arch. Eva Bradáčová

realization: 2011-2012

area: 125 m2

photographer: Jiří Ernest

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