What is a TV bed?

August 24, 2012 Bathroom Design

simply beds with space television foot

Recent years has seen an influx in the sales of TV beds. With demand on the rise, the designs have become increasingly bespoke and contemporary, ensuring that this is not simply another tacky gadget suitable only for a bachelor pad, but is befitting of the most stylish and elegant of bedrooms.

simply tv bed

Tv beds are simply beds with space for a television at the foot. They can come in various designs and the mechanics may vary but the concept remains the same; a convenient space at the end of the bed to maximise comfort, convenience and storage space. The benefits for the design savvy are first and foremost the aesthetics and practicality.

With the foot of the bed extended, it takes on a new look, different to that of the regular beds that we are familiar with. The size and accentuated frames alone are striking then with the added benefit of the television space, they are the envy of design and technology enthusiasts alike.

The most popular and common frame is a leather finish. This can add a bit of drama and edge to your bedroom, particularly designs with a raised headboard incorporating added detail. However, other materials and patterns are creeping into the market for that added sophistication and a more feminine touch. A personal favourite is the Zinc TV Bed from Dreams. It boasts sumptuous upholstered fabric in mink, taupe and silver, it is undoubtedly stylish, elegant and glamorous. It comes with an LG HD and Freeview ready LED TV with concealed buttons in the frame for convenience. This Super King sized bed is a real showstopper and will transform any average bedroom into a luxurious space.

These beds are top range and you will pay the price for a luxury finish, however, if you want the ultimate in style and innovation, these beds will not disappoint.

tv beds

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