Sculpture and design by Andrea Salvetti

andrea salvetti basel

Andrea Salvetti  lives and works near Lucca, in the countryside of the Apuan Alps. Since 1991 he has concentrated on themes of nature and the environment using different materials and technologies with particular attention paid to fused metals. In his sculpture and design studio, Andrea works closely with young collaborators and his wife Patrizia and is fully involved in the whole creative process, from the initial idea to the realisation in the workshop.

andrea salvetti basel2

He is a firm believer in artistic “hands-on knowhow” and the independence that gives the artist, and his work is testament to the interdisciplinary space his works inhabits. These works bridge the gap between sculpture and design, embracing architecture, performance art and cuisine, creating links between these differing fields.

sculpture libreria ortofrutta

Many projects (l’Albero, l’Apparita, Mazzolin di Fiori, Nidi, Tronchi ) have been executed in collaboration with art and design galleries in Italy and overseas, such as Dilmos, Nilufar and Moss. Andrea has recently exhibited at the Focke Museum Bremen, the Triennale in Milano; he took part in the 48th Biennale d’Arte di Venezia and numerous international events amongst which Design Miami Basel, PAD Paris, Artefiera, ArtCurial and Sotheby’s. His work has been published in art magazines throughout the world and in 2007, Electra published the “Terra-Terra“ monograph. via

andrea salvetti portrait

design andrea salvetti

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