Breathing new life into old curtains

November 26, 2013 Textile and Wallpaper

new life into old curtains

If your curtains are looking past their best, or don’t go with your new décor: don’t despair. Just because they are starting to look a little past their best doesn’t mean the only thing left to do is buy new ones. Old curtains can be quickly and easily given an update to bring them into the present day. Here are a few tips on how to create window dressings that wow.
The most obvious option is, of course, simply to dye your curtains. Dying the fabric is an inexpensive and effective way to give a new lease of life to faded or out of date curtains. All you will need is the appropriate coloured dye, a washing machine and an iron: each dye will differ in its directions, but generally the curtains will need to be individually washed, dyed, rinsed and ironing before they will be ready to adorn your windows once more.
If dye simply isn’t enough, why not change your curtains from hook to eyelet? This is a fairly simple process that only requires some sewing skill. You will first need to remove the hooking strip from the back of your curtains and then use a suitably sized fabric punch to create the eyelet holes. You can then apply the eyelets to give your curtains a more modern look. Alternatively, you could shorten your curtains and create fabric loops from the remnants for a similar effect.

curtains decor interior

You could go even further to altering the make-up of your curtains by adding crochet or lace along the bottom or down the sizes of your curtains. If your sewing skills aren’t up to much, lace is your best option as this can be easily added with hemming tape for a quick, chic update.
Appliques can also add a new look to your old curtains: these fabric patches and embellishments come in an array of shapes and sizes, from single use characters to repeat-pattern effects. They are also available in iron-on and sew-in forms, so even if you’re not accomplished with a sewing needle you can add them to your designs.
Updating old curtains is just as easy as finding that perfect set of new ones and also guaranteed to give you a greater sense of satisfaction, so before you throw out those old drapes stop and think about their potential.

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