Creating a home office in your spare room

February 21, 2018 Design Ideas, Modern Furniture

home office interior

If you want to get the most out of working at home, it’s important to create the right environment. While basing yourself at the kitchen table or on a dresser in the spare bedroom might be fine in the short term, a dedicated home office will greatly boost your levels of efficiency and productivity.

The first step is to decide exactly where your home office is going to be located. Ideally, you should choose somewhere that is as far away as possible from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to help keep distractions to an absolute minimum.

If you live with others and especially if you have young children, it is important to ensure they understand that working from home does not mean you are always available to them. It may take time for them to adjust to the fact that any little jobs that need doing or questions that need answering will have to wait until after you emerge from your office. If, however, you fail to establish these boundaries at the start, you will likely face a constant stream of interruptions.

An Effective Workplace
The amount of space you require and how you use it will vary according to your occupational needs, but planning ahead is always key. If you have enough space to take over an entire room, that is great. If not, it’s easy to turn even a small corner into an effective workplace. Sketching out the available area, along with the position of windows and doors, makes it easy to experiment with various furniture combinations to find which one suits you best, buy windows and doors online now and start planning.

Practical ways to save space include using a corner desk, working with a laptop rather than a desktop and attaching shelves directly to the wall. When it comes to choosing home office furniture, keeping everything as functional as possible will also help. Consider using modular systems as these are easy to add to or rearrange as your needs change.

A swivel chair will make it easy for you to move around and reach items and is better suited to working at a desk. Depending on what kind of flooring you have, you may want to invest in some form of protection to prevent the wheels from causing damage.

Work tends to expand to fill the space available so the more you have, the more you will find that you need. Use shelves and cabinets to increase the amount of available storage space. Also, schedule regular clear-outs to prevent clutter from accumulating in the first place.

As you are going to be spending long periods of time there, your home office should be a room you look forward to going into. Good light levels are also important as these enhance your mood and concentration. While it may be tempting to take advantage of natural light by placing your desk directly in front of or next to a window, this can cause problems if the room faces east or west as you will have strong sunlight streaming in for at least half of the day.

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