Floaz coffee table

April 11, 2012 Furniture Design

new bold extravagant coffee table

Introducing a new bold and extravagant coffee table. The table Floaz is launched at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012. Floaz is one of the first pieces in a series of Super Furnitures designed by awarded designer J. Stangdell.
Designed for social and relaxing moments the Floaz produces a new and exciting impression in your living room. The characteristic top sheet is portable making it easier to carry beverages and snacks from the kitchen and back. Inside the box frame there is room to store items and magazines.

extravagant coffee table

Each Floaz is produced by genuine craftsmanship on special order with personal selections of material and color/graphics combinations. Quality in details, careful selection of materials and production quality is fundamental. Each piece is numbered and signed.

coffee table

Video viewed at www.stangdell.com

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