Foldy family lamp

December 24, 2013 Design Ideas, Modern Lighting

foldy chandelier1

 The designer from Georgia- Ia Kutateladze send us a colection of three lamps- Foldy table, Foldy floor and Foldy chandelier lamp.Foldy lamp family is an expression of the love I have for the simplicity and the functionality and for the natural materials. While designing my own apartment, I tried to create something that would fit into the overall mood of the space that I wanted to convey through my design, I could not find what I liked elsewhere and this is what I came up with.
Foldy table lamp is a simple metal lamp, with flexible shape and easily foldable structure. It can be placed anywhere- on bedside table, writing desk, console or even on the floor. It is available in different colors.
Foldy floor lamp follows the family traditions by having simple shape and foldable legs with a wooden base.

foldy table and floor2

Foldy chandelier is a little bit more complex than the rest of the Foldy family, but still remains true to the aesthetics of the series. It can be altered into many different shapes. It has four separate metal shades and four metal legs and each of them can be folded and rotated separately. It is a very functional piece of lighting that can be suited to infinite types of spaces.

foldy floor31

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