House of a great Brazilian artist

February 16, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

studio guilherme tores open plane kitchen

This house is an original construction of the 40s,it belonged to a great Brazilian artist, Victor Brecheret, the man behind great references in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. The architect Guilherme Torres was immediately attracted. The floorplan has not suffered many changes.The only things that has been changed are openings and coatings. A retractable glass roof can be opened on summer days, to help leaving a mild climate. To soften the rays of sun, a wooden muxarabie, a registered trademark of the architect, was used as a covering following the same pattern of the front door of the house.

studio guilherme tores open plane dining area

studio guilherme tores open plane interior

One can simply look to the house owner to understand the symbiosis between creation and creature. Guilherme is a lover of street art, electronic music and loves to create new tattoos for himself, and it is inside this cauldron of references where he receives his clients and friends.

studio guilherme tores open plane living room

studio guilherme tores bedroom interior

studio guilherme tores open plane bathroom

studio guilherme tores

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