How to reduce your home insurance premium

November 17, 2011 Design Ideas

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While home insurance is a necessity, rather than a luxury, in the present economic climate no one wants to pay more in premiums than they absolutely need to. This does not necessarily mean that you should automatically take the home insurance package with the lowest premium – it is important to make sure that your policy provides you with adequate coverage. It is just that, if you follow some procedures prior to taking out a claim, you should be able to lower the amount you have to pay out in premiums, even for the most comprehensive cover.

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One thing you can do to lower the level of your premium is to opt to pay a higher voluntary excess. The voluntary excess is the amount you agree to contribute towards any home insurance claim you need to make. If you agree to pay a higher excess in the event of a claim, this will lead to a reduction in the rate of your premium. Another key thing to remember is to get accurate estimations for both your home and contents before deciding how much to insure them for, as the greater the sum they are insured for, the higher the premium you will be required to pay.
When it comes to actually choosing your home and contents insurance there are a number of ways in which you can secure discounts from your insurance company. The majority of the main insurance companies offer customers discounts on premiums if they go for the joint home and contents policy from them, rather than separate ones from different companies. Another option to consider is to purchase your policy over the internet as many of the established companies will give discounts – sometimes of up to 15 percent – to people who purchase their policy in this way. Finally, you again may be able to secure a discount on your premium if you choose to pay the whole amount straight away in a lump sum, or annually, rather than in monthly instalments.
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