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interior desigm simple materials

At the popular spot Paul-Lincke-Ufer in Berlin-Kreuzberg should arise from two retail units, a restaurant and bar. Together with the operators looked for a concept that works both for use as a restaurant and a bar or club. Due to the limited budget was the focus on a few simple materials diverted from existing components. The most striking feature is the lighting which consists of 82 standard halogen bulbs, but which were fitted with specially made frames and fasteners. The core of the guest room, the bar for the bar is zinc metal was used, which was technically driven, with thousands of hammer blows, thus producing a sparkling surface. This contrasts with the dull, dark wall and floor surfaces. Another highlight is the expressive, 4.20 meters long table for 20 people in the back of the room. Up on the chairs by Konstantin Grcic Myto the complete furnishing of the designers themselves were designed and manufactured with cement-bonded wood particle boards by the carpenter. The interior was decorated in elegant shades of gray, shades of color coordinated complex. The old cast iron radiators were just cleaned and is in contrast to the smooth floor. via

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interior design bar simple materials

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interior design restaurant simple materials

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