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September 20, 2011 Bedroom Design, Modern Furniture

interior tv bed

For most of us bed is the place we relax, curl up and read a book, watch a DVD or the TV, or even just sleep the day away. So we all want a bed that is as luxurious and inviting as possible, one where we want to snuggle down in and spend a lazy day in its cosy interior. But when it comes to choosing beds we tend to be a bit stumped: we all want that warm, inviting feeling when we look at our bed and with so many choices out there how do we choose the right one for us?There is a saying that you ‘eat with your eyes’, meaning that if the food doesn’t look good it doesn’t matter how amazing it tastes, you won’t enjoy it as much as something that looks better but only tastes half as good. The same could be said about beds: the bed needs to look comfy and soft otherwise we won’t believe we have had a good night’s sleep! So a bed with a cold metal frame won’t look as inviting as one with soft leather curves or a scrumptious four poster with opulent drapes, or one with plump cushions and soft blankets.

cosy interior tv bed

When it comes to choosing beds, the frame is almost as important as the mattress and covers as this is what always catches your eye first. You can get some amazing bed frames at the moment; anything from a stately four poster to hang luxurious curtains around and hide away from the world, to intricately designed metal frames in art deco styles to take you away to a different time. You can even get gorgeous sloping leather bed frames that make you want to jump in as soon as you see them! But if you are looking for something high tech why not go for a leather TV bed: a stunning leather frame with either space for a TV at the end or with a foot rest that houses a TV which pops out via remote control. Only trouble is, you’ll never feel the need to leave your bed again! However, if you want to take a look at a great collection of tv beds then go on over to the Bedstar.co.uk website.

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