Luxurious private residence

August 15, 2011 Interior Design Ideas

polygonal glass pavilion interior living area

A private residence stands on a hill slope overlooking the shores of Lake Lugano. Milan-based architect Jacopo Mascheroni at JM Architekten has designed it to be U-shaped such that the two floors are admirably adjusted to the tough topography. The polygonal glass pavilion with its rounded edges juts up sharply without referencing its surroundings, and comes to an equally abrupt halt at the roof. The living and dining room, the kitchen and the storage rooms are housed in the glass pavilion, while the bedroom, bathroom and garage are located in the lower level. The private area are aligned to the side facing the slope. The living and dining room, by contrast, is oriented toward the garden and the lake. The ring-shaped room enjoys adequate and constant ventilation. Light is reflected by the high glass front, the white rear walls and the white gravel into the shady side facing the slope. via

polygonal glass pavilion interior living room

polygonal glass pavilion interior kitchen area

polygonal glass pavilion interior

polygonal glass pavilion interior bathroom

polygonal glass pavilion

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