Eclectic collection of furniture

December 25, 2013 Design Ideas, Modern Furniture

eclectic collection furniture

Blackbird Creators presents an eclectic collection, rich in tradition and revealing profound meanings of emotion. It proposes a journey where the starting point is traditional art and the final destination is modern life style.The artistic process has generated unique, one of a kind pieces, a perfect fusion between art and furniture. The purpose of its Makers is not merely stated in decorating a place, but in creating a definition for the personal space. Within this space, the furniture piece which is irrepetable painted, moulded, fitted, made perfect by imperfections, is holding and preserving the quality of art. The message is stunning, the delicate relationship between materials, fabrics, textures, colours  is shaped in icon images and authentic historic pieces.

traditional textil furniture

traditional ethno furniture

traditional ethno decore

traditional ethno furniture decor


traditional ethno decor

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