Viteo Shower–Divine cooling for summer days

June 30, 2011 Product Design

product design viteo shower

The innovative shower concept developed by the Belgian – Australian designer Danny Venlet in co-operation with VITEO is amazingly simple: the shower spray activated by your own body weight rises in an arc up to 4 metres in the air and rains gently down above your head!

viteo shower

… only here, the cool wet comes from below! Step onto the shower plate and off you go with the special shower fun for garden, terrace or balcony. The original VITEO Shower – a real design classic – guarantees tingling refreshment similar to gentle summer rain. Today on the terrace, tomorrow in the garden and the day after tomorrow positioned on the small balcony – the VITEO garden shower works anywhere where there is a water supply and a garden hose! With the “ideal dimensions” of 80 cm diameter, 12 cm height and 14 kg weight, the non-slip foot plate can be positioned as easily and individually as it can be stored!

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