Outdoor Dining

June 21, 2011 Kitchen Design

stylish white greek house veranda

Outdoor kitchen – summer dining designGetting outdoors and making the most of summer shouldn’t be limited to sun bathing and picnics, these days there are all manner of designs to take living space outside – including the entire kitchen. Whether you choose to set up a summer kitchen within the refines of the flower beds, build an all dancing all singing barbecue area, or create a design that transforms indoors into out, the idea of taking dining outside has reached another kitchen design level all together.

stylish white greek house

Garden kitchens

A regular occurrence in the sunny climes of Australasia, where the idea of cooking in hot, sticky indoor kitchens is just too much to bear, the garden kitchen takes the entire concept outdoors.Clever designs incorporate a canopy to protect the area from rain, but the rest is pretty much open to the elements. Choose kitchen appliances carefully, they’ll need to be all weather ready – stainless steel is the best option and catering equipment usually fits the bill pretty well.

Super duper barbecues

Ditch the rusty metal dish in favour of something a little more permanent in the garden.  Building your own barbecue to create outdoor kitchens couldn’t be easier. Simple brick structures, either left bare or rendered, can be laid to whatever specifications are required – create one large space, or form two distinct areas for meat and vegetables. Grills and accessories are easily found at most DIY and hardware stores. Alternatively, go all out and build a cob oven, which is perfect for pizza and bread – the design incorporates a mud, beehive shaped structure, with fire compartment.

Open sided kitchens

A kitchen at the bottom of the garden may not be practical, but being able to transform the everyday, indoor kitchen space into something more summery is becoming a fashionable trend. The popularity of glass extensions and tri-fold doors fit the design brief, by incorporating the outdoors into the indoor structure. Using flooring that runs seamlessly from the kitchen, into the patio and up to the lawn helps create a flow, whilst fold back doors can literally open the entire side of a room to the garden.

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