A .PSLAB external facade

headlamp fixtures pslab1

In 2008, .PSLAB created original lighting products for the DOS architects studio on Lever Street. In the offices’ entrance stairwell, .PSLAB adapted to the spatial needs of the site with vintage car headlamp fixtures. The red wiring for these products was made external and incorporated into the overall design, and an award-winning holder product – honourable mention at the Reddot Design Award 2009 – was developed to control the direction of these cables.

streetlights original lighting products

When planning their intervention for Clerkenwell Design Week 2011, .PSLAB drew on these headlamp fixtures for their external installation with DOS. The large-scale public project represents a newly confident, tangible approach for .PSLAB. The temporary nature of the installation allowed a freedom of scale and vision not usually available for the exterior of a building. Lighting the entire office façade required overcoming the physical constraints of the site, mainly the uneven external surface of the building.

vintage car headlamp fixtures


vintage car headlamp fixtures pslab

The key technical detailing in this context was the metal ‘skin’ that was fixed parallel to the wall to overcome the constraint of the site’s uneven surfaces of varying materials, including brick, glass and steel. The steel ‘skin’ held the headlamp fixtures in a bold pattern, with the wiring hidden inside it. The lamps could be fitted with energy-saving light bulbs, and easily serviced from the interior of the offices.

streetlights stairwell

office space streetlights

The Launch
On 25th May 2011, over 200 colleagues and friends of .PSLAB and DOSarchitects gathered at the DOS studio on Lever Street to experience the installation. The piece was lit during the evening, projecting bold discs of light outwards into the street and inwards into the office space. In an informal evening of drinks and live music, there was conversation around design and architecture as images from both companies’ projects were projected onto the walls, and feedback on the installation was overwhelmingly positive.

pslab headlamp fixtures

office space pslab lamps

lamps office space

It will remain in place until June, 30th 2011.

‘STREETLIGHTS’ by .PSLAB at DOSarchitects studio: 17-19 Lever Street, EC1 V3QU, London

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