Small size apartment by Uda

May 27, 2011 Interior Design Ideas

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… All objects that are used in a home accessible spaces must be integrated, so there should not be called furniture, equipment but rather “…. Joe Colombo 1970 A new residential project in the former industrial space UdA Ceat in Turin is measured by the small size of just 40 square meters.

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and the essentiality of the container volume: a simple rectangular narrow and long. And ‘the chance again, for the study of Turin and in particular with the help of Andrea Marcante Adelaide Test, to compare with post-industrial context and to consider the specificity and quality of architectural spaces, developing a narrative that represents a’ architecture inside the other, multiple. An articulation of spaces and interiors that are arranged as an outdoor landscape: a flow of time and place of daily life. The long, narrow space is organized as a sequence of “life forms” everted towards the bordering areas, within which you are cooking, eating, sleeping, brushing, making love, you play. A sort of minimum living module where, depending on the assets and assumed different forms, the materials used and their sensory quality changes. Thus the treatments of wood are changed from the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen, the marbles enter the scene are kept suspended or somewhat hidden as abstract characters in a human comedy and black lacquered surfaces or Corian as silhouettes of shadow puppets, holding together the pieces of the story through dialogue, through their rigid geometries of vaguely chart, with the decorum of the upholstery on the surrounding walls. via

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