Cozy spacious bungalow

May 26, 2011 Interior Design Ideas

cozy spacious bungalow luxery interior living room

Daylight, highlighted textures, fully open to the outside. In 250m², Fernanda Marques has created a dream escape from urban frenzy. In the form of a spacious bungalow, of about 250m², where nature plays much more than a mere supporting role: one just has to note the intense use of daylight. The use of materials in their rough state. Its total openness to the outside. Combined with rough stone walls and limestone floors, steel and glass are not present just by chance. Altogether, the house is 180m², linked by a wooden deck which projects the house out beyond its internal boundaries. A kind of interface between the interior and the outer environment, glazed walls and ceilings ensure spatial continuity: one of the hallmarks of Fernanda Marques’s designs. via

cozy spacious bungalow bedroom

cozy spacious bungalow luxery bedroom

cozy spacious bungalow outdoor living area

cozy spacious bungalow outdoor greenery

cozy spacious bungalow kitchen

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