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In the modern world we are judged on how we look and how we dress each time we meet someone and also when we pass them in the street. Many people think this is a part of the modern world and is a new way of thinking, but not so.

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For years people have been judged, not only upon how they present themselves but also upon how they present their homes. Think back to the 50’s and 60’s; what an honour it was to have the boss around for tea and how much chaos it would cause as the house was brought up to standard, cleaned and often given a quick spruce up if there was time. The image of the house proud person has not been left in history and in today’s world even the smallest aspects of your home can speak volumes about you.
Take curtains for example, most people don’t tend to notice their own but they can give you an insight in to a person. Are they ready made or bespoke, made of cheap or expensive fabric? Then there’s the style of them. Do your curtains show a bit of elegance and a demanding nature? A good example of this is the jacquard curtain, very much in a style sought after by the French aristocracy back in the 1800s. This weighty fabric is so delicate it needs no extra styling to show off its splendour.
Or are your curtains straight laced, so to speak? With no frills or ruffles, they tend to have an expertly tailored look with classic lines in a block colour. This classic style never goes out of fashion and gives off a simple elegance to any room.
Curtains that look a little wilder tend to be those with a pattern, or waves in them. For example the, perhaps unimaginatively named zebra striped curtain. This style brings the plains of Africa to your living room, but without the herds rampaging through! With a sleek pattern this curtain can bring out the playfulness of a room and your personality.
So next time you’re picking curtains make sure they match not only your decor but also your personality. Maybe opt for a new modern look to your living room. Why not visit for some ideas for your living room.

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