Contemporary, loft-like space

May 18, 2011 Interior Design Ideas

contemporary living space

On a swallow spot near the river Dommel, in downtown Eindhoven, a town villa from 1930 is located, designed by Louis Kooken, founder of the 110 year existing architecture office De Bever Architecten. The interior of one of the dwellings in the villa has now been refurbished by the current architects of the office, Stefan de Bever and Heleen van Heel. via

yellow couch cabinet living space

specific furniture designed interior

The assignment was to refurbish the classicaly arranged ground floor of the deep middle dwelling into a contemporary, loft-like space for a family with two children. By removing the wall between the living room and the kitchen, new qualities could be introduced while keeping the allready present elements such as window bays and coves. On the back side, the house has been lenghtened with two metres and a skylight has been added.

contemporary kitchen living space

contemporary kitchen design

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