Scarecrow lounge mattress

outdoor lounge mattress

This comfortable inflatable lounge mattress offers exceptional comfort and looks great too. Ideal for outdoors and in, the Scarecrow comes with a handy portable bag and is easy to store. via

scarecrow outdoor lounge mattress

While the Scarecrow is useable in all weather conditions, it is ideally stored away during the winter. The cover is manufactured with textured Nylon with a PU coating and Fluor Carbon treatment. It can easily be cleaned with, for instance, a sponge.

scarecrow lounge mattress

The straw is made of sponge rubber attached with sail rings. The valves can be opened using a coin, after which the PVC cells can be filled with air using a hair-dryer or pump. Thanks to the separate air compartments, the inflatable Scarecrow lounge mattress offers optimal comfort and relaxation, either sitting up or lying down.

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