Modern outdoor furniture

outdoor furniture metalwood1

This high quality patio furniture group has been designed in the purpose to integrate it into a whole house concept as it combines architecture elements and color aspects of the building.It is a sparkler in combination of high quality materials combined into an unique interaction of teak, white coated compound aluminum and stainless steel as only Metalwood could deliver.All pieces are built by handcraft in a environmentally compatible processes with nonpolluting paintings and with a  slender kind of waste in the production. via

modern outdoor furniture

Since 15 years the designer Sebastian Bohry works with the composition of wood and metal. He moved with his small manufactory “Metalwood” from Berlin to Saxony and deals with all kinds of cabinetries, metal art, interior fittings, boat buildings, furnishings, shop fittings, trade fair constructions, exhibitions, art works, and sculptures. His preferred materials are high-grade steel, aluminium, oak, and teakwood. Amongst other things he designs tables for inside and outside and incorporates them into their environment.

outdoor furniture metalwood

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