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May 2, 2011 Interior Design Ideas

hotel sezz saint tropez interior

Architect Jean-Jacques Ory built the hotel in a quiet park surrounded by lush greenery.  Ory developed his plans in compliance with International ecological building practices in an effort to evolve the oh-so common luxury resort that is commonplace in this part of the world. 

hotel sezz saint tropez bedroom interior

The design is clean and modern with a beachy twist. The poolside bar (as well as the restaurant) is built with light gray sandstone (found locally) and stained wood.  These details give the hotel a “lived-in” appeal.  This balances out the modernism of hristophe Pillet’s glossy vases, sleek lighting details, and curvy, clean, “futuristic” seating.  Pillet has a gift for working with primary colors and wood grain without ever crossing into the dreaded “unhip” territory.  The rooms can, in certain instances, be a call back to the 1970’s, but it never really “goes there” because of Pillet’s gift for edgy shapes (his domed ceilings, for instance).  Pillet easily infuses a “grown up” room with a lot of playfulness.   The clear showers for two and the bathtubs are an absolutely delicious reminder that hotel rooms are meant for adventure. via

hotel sezz saint tropez interior living area

hotel sezz saint tropez interior bathroom

hotel sezz saint tropez poolside area

hotel sezz saint tropez restaurant

hotel sezz saint tropez pool area

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