Lagostore in Padova

lagostore modern furniture area

The flagship of Padua has a height at the highest point of 7 meters for an area of ​​200 square meters, organized with an open floor plan with living area and kitchen connected to a second room, a room is accented with “total white”complete with bathroom. Adjacent to the bedroom, a double height space, was carried out with the ad hoc installation products LAGO; new compared with the concepts of the previous two sofas, a Lagolinea continuous running across the wall (which leads to which is housed in a loft apartment full) and a creative composition of containers 36e8. Two bands of the same color of the sofas create, finally, a continuity between the floor and wall.

lagostore modern furniture living area

lagostore modern furniture dining area

lagostore modern furniture bedroom

lagostore modern furniture kitchen


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