“Delicatessen” fashion store

March 21, 2011 Interior Design Ideas

display systems fashion store interior

For the display systems, as for the wall and counter cladding in “Delicatessen”, the fashion boutique in Tel Aviv, the New York architects from chose low-price pegboards. The perforated chipboard, which is available from any DIY store, is the simplest and most prevalent display form there is. The system does not normally feature among the high-quality materials used for interiors, but the consistent way it is used throughout the fashion boutique is a winner. With a ceiling height of five meters the boards are lined up seamlessly next to one another and illuminated from behind. Other striking elements such as wall mirrors, counters and other pieces of furniture appear to grow out of the perforated white chipboard, casting a yellow shadow. via

fashion store interior

wall display systems fashion store interior

wall systems fashion store interior

experimental design fashion store interior

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