A small writing desk for compact living

March 16, 2011 Design Ideas, Furniture Design

writing desk for compact living

From Isabel Ersa Hallerstedt, a writing desk, bookcase and bench. Says Hallerstedt “Writingdesk Alley, which was shown on Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2010, has now got company. Her curvy sister, Casey, is a bookcase with forms related to Alley.”via

furniture design writing desk

Above, Casey (on the right) has “room for A4-papers, folders, big books and paperbacks. She can be placed as a roomdivider since the back is painted in the same gray shades as the front. Dolly 2.0 is Alleys and Caseys cousin. The form of her legs derives from Alleys. The seating is covered in a nice soft sheepfur.”

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