Solutions for a good night’s sleep

March 14, 2011 Bedroom Design

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Sleeping may be the most natural thing for a human to do, but why is it that so often we cannot get to sleep? In part one I gave a few suggestions to help induce sleep. Here are a few more.

You may have a sleepeezee mattress and the best bed frame from, but you may still find it hard to drift off. A lot of this is due to tension in the body, so you need to relax your muscles. Imagine that a ball of light is traveling along your body, working from your head to your toes. As it passes each muscle they fill with light and relax.

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Sometimes we are too tired to sleep because we have had interrupted or late nights, at times like this an afternoon nap is good. Experts advice naps to be taken in the early afternoon and for no longer than thirty minutes. This should hopefully avoid disturbing your sleep at night.
Of course the most well-known remedy for sleep is lavender. The smell of lavender is soothing, therefore causing a relaxed state. A bath with a few drops of lavender oil in will do the trick. Failing that lavender scented heat pack or even a bunch of dried lavender under your pillow will help. Another herb that works well is Chamomile. Chamomile tea clams the nervous system and helps to promote restful sleep. So maybe put the kettle on an hour before bed and then succumb to sleep.
If you find none of this works then take 500 mg of Calcium with 250 mg Magnesium just before bed. The calcium has a calming effect and the magnesium works along with it. However if you are not one to take remedies then your fail-safe option is a comfy bed.
For a comfy bed you need a good mattress and a sturdy bed frame. Browse and see what takes your fancy. You will find every available option at this website, and before you know it you will have a bed suited just for you and your sleeping needs.

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