Choosing the right cot

February 21, 2018 Kids Room Furniture

choose right baby cot1

If you’re expecting, or you’ve just had a baby, a cot is something you will need to invest in. The following is a list of different cots which are available. Taking a few minutes to read this article will allow you to choose the right cot for you and your baby.
Moses Baskets
For new mums, moses baskets are a good choice as they allow you to keep baby by your side at all times. Not only that, they are also easy to move around, making them extremely practical.
Drop side cots
Drop side cots are great for those who want to be able to move their baby in and out without waking them. They are a practical option which can be used as your baby grows into a toddler.
If you are looking for a cot that will grow with your child, then a cotbed is the obvious choice. Most cotbeds are adjustable, which makes them a sound investment.
Travel Cots
If you are planning on travelling with your baby then a travel cot is a good choice. Travel cots not only allow you to transport baby easily and safely, they can also double as a playpen and most come with washable covers, making them extremely practical.

Teething Rails
When your child is going through the teething phase, be sure to fit teething rails, which will prevent your child from damaging their gums and teeth on the cot. Some models come with these already fitted. is an online department store that offers the latest clothes for the whole family. They also provide wide collections of home appliances and baby essentials.

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