Ikebana Medulla Vases

March 7, 2011 Accessories, Landscaping

medusa like vase

At the end of January Benjamin Graindorge made a design/vegetal performance with four Ikebana Medulla vases at the Ymer & Malta Gallery Benjamin Graindorge explains: “Ikebana Medulla is inhabited, like a spring of water – a trickle that seems to be immobile but which comes to life when we approach it. With its inwardness and strange beauty, this Medusa-like vase is between animal and machine, like a mechanical spider out of Matrix.” via

medusa like vase1

Benjamin Graindorge is a draughtsman-designer who puts matter to the test of his line drawing. The setting into tension of sketch and resolution is the end term of a process that often begins with a minute detail: a slight movement, a shiver of plantlife, a metallic resonance that sets off his imagination. He is passionately involved with designing contemplative objects, shrine-like points for meditation in the home, alert sensors that reflect our most fleeting thoughts.

ikebana medulla vases

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