Italian restaurant by design studio Sotovikis

March 1, 2011 Interior Design Ideas

italian restaurant interior cocktail bar

The restaurant is clustered around the cocktail bar which has been programmed in the center of the space.  The cocktail bar operates as a small deli, and has been painted black with plywood shelves that not only create a link between the two countries (Greece- Italy), but also focus on the different moods of the space. via

italian restaurant interior

The cocktail bar maintains the homogeneity, creating a very intimate-than-minimal setting.  The three spaces which are clustered around the cocktail bar maintain the minimalist appeal through all-white walls, and black fixtures and trimmings.  With low ambient light of droog 85 by Rody Graumans, lamps have been used to light up the space and create an opulent chandelier, where ‘less and more’ are united in a single product.

italian restaurant furniture

italian restaurant

italian restaurant interior design

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