Emetrica, a kitchen of minimalist elegance styled by Andreucci&Hoisl

April 27, 2013 Kitchen Design

ernestomeda kitchen design

Milan, 14 February 2011 –Ernestomeda, leader in the high-end designer kitchen market, has chosen the international stage of FuoriSalone 2011 to present a kitchen styled by two rising stars of the design world, Andreucci&Hoisl, at the Ernestomeda Loft.  For this project, the designers have chosen elegant lines, innovative materials and striking personalisation potential. via

emetrica kitchen design

Emetrica’s minimalist elegance generates a style of harmonious restraint, expressed by discreet lines drawn by horizontal grip grooves and full-height handles, that blend into the surrounding environment with original, highly functional features. The doors, handles, hoods and work-tops are all especially thin, giving the kitchen a distinctive appearance. Emetrica is also uniquely tactile, thanks to the warmth and temperament of the wood-effect surfaces with Hi-melamine finish, a pleasure to touch. Personalisation is another of Emetrica’s important prerogatives: grip grooves, plinths, handles and even the hoods and shelves become creative interior design features that can be customised in the same colour codes as the lacquered doors.

andreucci hoisl ernestomeda kitchen design

Emetrica “expresses lightness and freedom,” state the two due designers who conceived it,  “and also creates a striking impression of space. The absence of clashing colour contrasts and the uniform shades underline this feature, giving Emetrica a beauty that will last over time.” “Emetrica is the ideal response to the needs of our Market, our market positioning and our dealers and customers, who are in search of products with a strong personality, visually exciting yet also practical and convenient. Emetrica adheres to the rules of pure design, offers the major plus of lots of personalisation potential and, last but not least, delivers an excellent quality-price ratio. It’s a very attractive combination,” explains Ernestomeda CEO Alberto Scavolini.

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